The Name Is Blunt, Emily Blunt

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I am pretty sure that we have all watched “The Devil Wears Prada” once or twice in our lives. I even know some women who have watched this movie more than ten times! While there are a lot who can relate to Anne Hathaway’s character, http://www.bestchoicetv.com/equipment-choices.html, Andy, there are also many women who are big fans of Emily Blunt’s role in the movie. In the movie, Emily Blunt plays a secretary to the editor-in-chief of one the of the best fashion and women’s magazine all over the world. I am sure that many women can relate to Emily Blunt’s character in the movie because she will do everything that she can, even starve herself until she gets sick, just to look fit for her position. There was even a scene in the movie when she did not eat anything because she wanted to look skinny for Fashion Week. However, she was still not able to attend the Fashion Week because she got sick trying to look perfect and more beautiful. In real life, Emily Blunt is a close match to the character she plays in “The Devil Wears Prada” Many women are hesitant or afraid to wear expensive clothes because they have this idea that other people would think that they are being a show-off. However, Emily Blunt is an exception because she loves to showcase her natural beauty in expensive clothes, shoes, bags, and jewelry. One of her favorite brands when it comes to clothes, bags, and shoes is Prada. Just like many women all over the world, she is a big fan of Prada. If you want to be like Emily Blunt, even just in the way that she dresses and carry herself, it is probably the best time that you invest the money that you worked hard for on Prada.

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Emily Blunt Is Irresistible In Irresistible

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Emily Blunt is an actress known for her stunning, believable roles in films such as "The Young Victoria," "Looper" and "The Adjustment Bureau." However, one of her most amazing, yet understated, roles came in the film "Irresistible."

In "Irresistible," Emily Blunt plays Mara, a woman who becomes obsessed with her co-worker, his wife, Sophie, and their family. Mara begins stealing things from Sophie’s house. Sophie quickly begins to suspect that Mara is the one (continue reading…)

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Presenting Juliet In Gnome Form–Emily Blunt

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Presenting Juliet In Gnome Form–Emily Blunt

“Romeo and Juliet,” William Shakespeare’s play about star-crossed lovers, has been adapted in many different ways. But “Gomeo and Juliet,” a 2011 computer-generated animated film presenting the titular lovers as lawn gnomes, must rank among the most unusual.

Emily Blunt provides the voice of Juliet, one of the gnomes in the garden of Mrs. Capulet, an elderly woman. These gnomes come alive when their human owners are away. Next door, a rival clan of gnomes resides in the garden of one Mr. Montague. Mr. Montague and Mrs. Capulet intensely dislike each another, (continue reading…)

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Life after OCD and Emily Blunt’s Career

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Recently, actress Emily Blunt spoke, in an interview with the Observer, about her growing fears regarding her obsessive compulsive disorder. Among her observations, she mentioned her growing concern that this condition could quickly become an issue for both her life and her career as she got older.

For those of you unfamiliar with OCD, let’s just look at a quick example. A person not suffering from OCD might have to choose between getting their cable television from a site like http://www.cable-tv.com/ or a competitor. Ultimately, this person makes a decision and deals with it. However, a person suffering from OCD will make a decision and then might obsess for days, weeks or even months about their decision – assuming they even make the decision in the first place. Imagine applying that mindset to EVERY aspect of your life and you are one step closer to understanding Blunt’s plight.

Even though Blunt revealed that she had been dealing with this condition since childhood, she believes that it is in fact getting much worse. When asked why the condition might be worsening, Blunt could only speculate that it had to do with stress with her career and the family. However, despite her fears, Blunt is still working in movies and remains hopeful.

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Emily Blunt Is A Scene Stealer!

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Emily Blunt is a beautiful and fabulous British actress that has appeared in several high profile films like: “The Wolfman,” “Wild Target,” and “The Adustment Bureau.” All of these films have propelled her career forward and she is now in steady demand. Blunt was originally cast as Black Widow in “Iron Man,” but due to scheduling conflicts she had to drop out of the project. That’s how Scarlett Johansen ended up getting the role instead.

For her role in “The Adjustment Bureau” Blunt trained with a contemporary (continue reading…)

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Queen Victoria Is Actually Emily Blunt

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I know that many young Hollywood actors do not accept roles wherein they have to wear thick makeup on their faces or wear heavy costumes that make them look fat. However, Emily Blunt is different from all these celebrities who call themselves actresses because she is willing to do everything for her role.

In the dramatic movie “The Young Victoria,” Emily Blunt plays the role of Queen Victoria back when she was still a teenager. The (continue reading…)

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A Norther Accent Cured Emily’s Stammar

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Actress Emily Blunt, 28 is from England. She has made countless movies. She is daughter of an English Teacher mother, and an attorney father. Her father, Oliver Blunt is one of the highest profile lawyers in the United Kindom. Emily first came to the attention of movie going audiences in 2003 in the film, ‘Boudica’ playing the role of: Isolda’. The next year, 2004, Emily Blunt won four impressive awards for her work in ‘My Summer Of Love’ In 2009, Emily turned in a brilliant performance in the film, ‘Young Victoria’ (continue reading…)

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Emily Blunt: She Is An Accomplished Cellist

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Emily Blunt is beautiful, English actress that has been acting since 2003. She began her career on a British television show titled Boudica. The show was about a British queen who was at war with the Romans. He career took off after her role in 2004 movie, My Summer of Love for which she received an Evening Standard British Film Award.
Emily worked on the big screen, small screen and in the theatre. She went on to act in key roles in the movies The Devil Wears Prada, The Young Victoria, and Sunshine Cleaning. For Gideon’s Daughter, a British mini-series, she won (continue reading…)

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